Crazy Eyes

Most of my friends would be able to confirm my insane love for chocolate, which naturally makes me a big fan of Cadbury’s. This morning however I found one of their new ads that I find hilarious. It’s on another one of my favourite blogs, Adverblog. The blog always has very up to date campaigns from across the world and I have seen some of the best websites on there.

This is their latest ad. I love the girl in this video, it looks like she’s gone crazy! Watch it with sound, the song also makes it.


Mooiste Vespa


I love the site PSFK . I always find the most interesting things on there and read about things that I have never seen or heard about before.

I came across this unbelievably pretty handcrafted Vespa. It’s amazing to think this was done by hand. To read more about the hands behind the Vespa click here.

All I know is that I would love to have one! Plus my dad would probably kill for one as well….wrrrrroooommm

Lego now a days

I don’t know when anyone last saw what Lego is up so I thought that I would have a look. Sadly its filled with Starwars and fighting sets, but amongst them I was happy to find the Sponge Bob Square pants set and the BELVILLE set.

I found the Belville one really funny as it seems like someone from OUR belville suburb designed that set. It’s very pretty though and makes me realise that I still really want to go to Lego land one day-how ever bad that might sound to anyone.

Its also crazy to see how the Lego website functions at the moment, there are so many things to do and games you can download as well as play Lego online. Times sure have changed and I’m actually happy that I only had one type of Lego to play with, the plain set with just normal yellow men with black eyes. Two of them.

Have a look at the site to see how  things have progressed……little bit crazy.

Belville se Lego Barbie prinses

The First Pretty One

So I’ve literally had this blog for almost a year now, and my poor little blog only gets its first post today, 21 Janaury 2009. I have always liked the number 21, so maybe it was meant to be.

Although its mostly to do with the fact that I never really had anything to blog about until today. I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to everything that I find pretty. Which will most probably be toys most of the time.

It’s just going to be a platform where I will share things that I find on the internet or maybe elsewhere.

I found an incredible site today Paper Critters while going through the Pixel Awards winners of 2008. Paper Critters were the student award winner and in my opinion I can see why. You can create your own paper toys online and preview them…this is mine. If you see it in black it suppose to be bright pink(my only complaint with regards to the site). However, I loved it and can’t wait to print it out. I’ve also put mine in the colony where it will hang out with other critters and where I get the chance to see more of the 30 000 critters designed already. I love it!

Happy playing!