Pretty streets

Think I’ve just officially found my favourite street artist/ photographer: Katie Sokoler. She’s a freelance artist from Brooklyn and has been doing the most amazing things around New York. I’ve attached some pictures of one of her latest projects. She decided to put up paper eyes around the streets of New York, saying: “It’s cute to look at an object and to see it looking back at me!”

To view more of her amazing work click here. You won’t be disappointed. She also did an incredible speech bubble project and take photos for the well-know improve everywhere movement.

eyes 1

Would love to see her stuff in real life!


Die mooiste tee koppies

I grew up drinking tea every single day, and although I have now grown out of that habit a bit I still enjoy a cup of tea every once in a while. I love the culture of drinking tea and stumbled upon this over at Trend Hunter.

I would do anything to get my hands on the heart shaped ones. Having pretty tea cups make the tea drinking experience so much more worth while.


Click on the link to see 17 tea cup designs

Froot Loops

I’ve never been one for cooking. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve just never really caught on to it. However this morning my boyfriend sent me a link to TasteSpotting which is a great site that pulls together recipes from different sites. Some of them looked quite difficult, until my eyes fell on something that really looked yummieee; Froot loop cupcakes.


I’ve never had a need to bake cupcakes, but this weekend I have a date with my oven.

Just look at them…nom nom. I know my friend Lana will also appreciate this:)