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evening 3

Come check out this event next Tuesday:

‘new evenings’, a recently launched contemporary classical music series in Cape Town, will be hosting their third event on May 10, 2011 at the Waiting Room in Long Street.

Featured musicians:
String quartet: Patrick Goodwin, Petra Hofmeyr, Azra Isaacs, Kristiaan Chernev.
Guitar: Matthew Field.

String Quartet: Avro Part Fratres, Steve Reich- Different Trains
Guitar: Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint
Markus Wormstorm : Track featuring Inge Beckman, Viola, Cello and Clarinet

Entrance fee: R50

I’m very excited about it, I hope you are too!


Pop it

Really enjoyed this video by Brazilian agency, Loducca Sao Paulo. Found it over at Adverblog (one of my favourite blogs). Enjoy (and appreciate).