“Dis Mooi” (“This is pretty” in Afrikaans) is just a space where I would like to share things I find, online or out there in the real world, that inspires me.

Not updated nearly as much as I would like to, but I’m happy that I still have this space to showcase some of my favourite finds and dreams.

Also, some other random facts:

Hometown: Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa

Siblings: 1 x sister (older)

I can’t eat: Gluten and Wheat

I can eat: Dairy!

I once: Tried to hide from the cops behind a tree with a scooter when I was 12. The scooter had it’s light on, and it was dark…not my best move yet. Luckily small town cops only deflate your tires when they catch underage kids driving a scooter.

I’m inspired by: My grandmother and her kind nature, Tina Fey and her hard-ass nature. I hope to somehow strike a balance between the two one day.

I want: A big house so that I can give a big Great Dane.

As a child: I use to hate my name, but now I won’t change it for the world

I like: Penguins, dogs and flowers.

Nothing beats: Swearing in Afrikaans.

More here: http://about.me/helette


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