“Your closet, styled by Vogue”

This launched a few weeks ago already, and although I don’t even have an iphone I find this app really interesting. I love it when magazines branch out in different mediums. So for those with iphones, let me know how it goes.


Mooi Marilyn

I really like this picture, found it over at Life. They have a lovely range of Marilyn images of her at parties as well.


Pretty clothes, people and stuff

My friend Lucky (check out his blog) recently introduced me to Look Book

It’s just a nice inspiring site where people upload their outfits of the day

Have a look and subscribe to get daily updates

Picture 2

Beauty in Buenos

This might have something to do with the fact that my boyfriend and I are going to Buenos Aires in June (yes!), but non the less this is a stunning site and I thought it fit to share with my friends.

On the Corner is a site run by what I can only assume is a local who loves fashion and photography. Unfortunately I do not understand Spanish (although I am working on it) and so I am not able to read more about the person behind the blog. However, this person clearly has a awesome style and although similar to Sartorialist, it has a unique South American style.

On the CornerOn the Corner 2

Enjoy! (I’m sure up until June, and for a while thereafter, my blog will be filled with all things pretty from Buenos Aires)