China, you’re up next.

Travelling, without a doubt, is my biggest passion. Nothing gets me as excited, worked up, emotional and simply acting like a child at Christmas, than the mere thought of travelling.

Travel, darling

Travel, darling

At this stage my last trip over the oceans took place more than three years ago, and that simply breaks my heart. Yes, yes…first world problems and all that, but I can proudly say that I work really hard to travel and count every cent with great care.

What’s next?

So as you’ve probably guessed by now I was guided towards China and Thailand after seeing an incredible special online.

But upon investigating I started realising that China has always been on my dream list, specifically Hong Kong and Beijing. At this stage I’m not too swept away with Thailand, but China has already stolen my heart (which was last seen drinking Jagermeister in Brooklyn).

It’s about time that I start a new romance. New York has been lovely, but I need to move on, and I think China is just the place.

It’s important to point out that at this stage I already have an incredible Google Drive Excel document with hundreds of links from each area that I would like to visit. I suppose that is what brought on the sudden need to start blogging again. I have to share some of the cool shit and amazing “finds”, and hopefully even get some travel advice.

So seeing that my trip is only planned for April 2014 I’ve decided to take these posts slow and ease back into things (seems fitting for a new romance).

First off…798 Art Zone, BEIJING!


I can’t put into words how excited I get when researching this area. It seems like exactly the type of gem that I would want to discover while travelling, as I sure as hell will be inspired by this place.


You obviously can’t blame me for being thrilled about going to this spot of amazingness (FYI if I used the word “amazeballs” this is where I would use it).

If ANYONE out there has been here and would like to share their experience, please comment below. I’m a sucker for advice when travelling and appreciate real life experiences much more than hearing from a tour guide. No offence tour guide dudes.



More info on 798 here.


Nice laptop stand

laptop stand I found this article over at Trend Hunter and think that this is such a cool idea and way of using old material. Still not to sure about all the details, but looks pretty easy to figure out…

Beauty in Buenos

This might have something to do with the fact that my boyfriend and I are going to Buenos Aires in June (yes!), but non the less this is a stunning site and I thought it fit to share with my friends.

On the Corner is a site run by what I can only assume is a local who loves fashion and photography. Unfortunately I do not understand Spanish (although I am working on it) and so I am not able to read more about the person behind the blog. However, this person clearly has a awesome style and although similar to Sartorialist, it has a unique South American style.

On the CornerOn the Corner 2

Enjoy! (I’m sure up until June, and for a while thereafter, my blog will be filled with all things pretty from Buenos Aires)

Pretty streets

Think I’ve just officially found my favourite street artist/ photographer: Katie Sokoler. She’s a freelance artist from Brooklyn and has been doing the most amazing things around New York. I’ve attached some pictures of one of her latest projects. She decided to put up paper eyes around the streets of New York, saying: “It’s cute to look at an object and to see it looking back at me!”

To view more of her amazing work click here. You won’t be disappointed. She also did an incredible speech bubble project and take photos for the well-know improve everywhere movement.

eyes 1

Would love to see her stuff in real life!

Die mooiste tee koppies

I grew up drinking tea every single day, and although I have now grown out of that habit a bit I still enjoy a cup of tea every once in a while. I love the culture of drinking tea and stumbled upon this over at Trend Hunter.

I would do anything to get my hands on the heart shaped ones. Having pretty tea cups make the tea drinking experience so much more worth while.


Click on the link to see 17 tea cup designs