You have a nice day now…

Sure, it’s been a while since my last post (and by a while I mean ages and ages and I’ve moved three times), but who’s got time to keep track of time lately?

This year I’ve been really inspired to travel and have spent countless hours planning, in more detail than most people plan their wedding, my dream trip for 2014.

A drawing by Yuri, from NYC.

A drawing by Yuri, from NYC.

However, before I share my travel dreams, I wanted to share this great illustration that I bought in NYC almost three years ago. It’s by an artist named Yuri. I actually bought two, one for me and one for my sister. We both still have them and I think they are just great.

Lovely, isn’t it?


Rabbits for Easter

Last year Uno and I put up these ears and eyes on the rubbish bins in Cape Town, South Africa. It happened to be Easter that weekend. It’s just taken me a really long time to put these up on the blog. Hope you like them.

Pretty streets

Think I’ve just officially found my favourite street artist/ photographer: Katie Sokoler. She’s a freelance artist from Brooklyn and has been doing the most amazing things around New York. I’ve attached some pictures of one of her latest projects. She decided to put up paper eyes around the streets of New York, saying: “It’s cute to look at an object and to see it looking back at me!”

To view more of her amazing work click here. You won’t be disappointed. She also did an incredible speech bubble project and take photos for the well-know improve everywhere movement.

eyes 1

Would love to see her stuff in real life!

Crazy Eyes

Most of my friends would be able to confirm my insane love for chocolate, which naturally makes me a big fan of Cadbury’s. This morning however I found one of their new ads that I find hilarious. It’s on another one of my favourite blogs, Adverblog. The blog always has very up to date campaigns from across the world and I have seen some of the best websites on there.

This is their latest ad. I love the girl in this video, it looks like she’s gone crazy! Watch it with sound, the song also makes it.