Love me

I do. Saw this in the East Village and it really stood out (also saw it at some other spots in the city). It’s done by an artist called Curtis Kulig. I found a article about him online over at Fecal Face with some nice pictures and a quote:

LOVE ME is a take on graffiti. Graff is a selfish act where the writer wants to be seen whether people want to see it or not. LOVE ME is an honest expression of love but also a sarcastic “fuck you” to the haters. I’m sort of a hypocrite and I know it. I want to be seen and heard and loved. Oh well. Most tags are serious and the graff culture so hardcore, LOVE ME is ironic, and kinda pussy, that’s what I like about it, the pussy part. But it’s me, I’m a lover not a fighter. I go out and do shit, make it happen, and that’s what I do with LOVE ME. I just fuckin’ do it, and people seem to be down with it.” – Curtis

Read the rest of the article here.


New shoes to take away the blues

Got these on Sunday. They are perfect for Spring.  Bought them at a store called Irregular Choice in Lafayette Street, NYC. Great British designer. Check out the website here

“Your closet, styled by Vogue”

This launched a few weeks ago already, and although I don’t even have an iphone I find this app really interesting. I love it when magazines branch out in different mediums. So for those with iphones, let me know how it goes.

Rabbits for Easter

Last year Uno and I put up these ears and eyes on the rubbish bins in Cape Town, South Africa. It happened to be Easter that weekend. It’s just taken me a really long time to put these up on the blog. Hope you like them.